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Patricia and Douglas Perry Honors College

honors college

Created in 1997, the Honors College has grown to 700 high-achieving students from a range of majors. It offers students the opportunity to take more challenging classes, engage in research and community service, and build an e-portfolio. Graduates have gone to start their own businesses and are contributing in a variety of fields – from actuarial statistics to zoology. In April 2018 it was announced that the Honors College has now been named the Patricia and Douglas Perry Honors College in recognition of their generous support of the University.

Community Engagement

Last year, Honors College Civic Learning Projects contributed over 5000 hours of service to the campus and local communities. 5 of 100 in 15-16: Volunteer Recruitment Plan for Auxiliary Search and Rescue/VABEACH EMS (Joshua Slaughenhoupt, CRJS, ODU ’15); “The Internet and You” Videos for Fayette County Public Libraries (Michael Frazier, Computer Science; Anna Frazier, Art, ODU ‘15); Workbook for Math 103 SI sessions (Deja Singh, Mechanical Engineering, ODU ’15); Life Agency Analysis for ForKids (Lauren Magner, Finance, ODU ’15); Tutoring Lab Start-up, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Josiah Emery, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer, ODU ’15); Italian Bistro Fund-Raiser for Habitat for Humanity ($3K) (Lauren Fox, Finance, ODU ’15).

Honors Courses and Advising

First-Year Seminars and Research-Oriented Courses: The Honors College works with faculty to develop general education courses to meet the needs of honors students and departmental majors. Popular First-Year Seminars include Disruptive Technologies in Health Care (CS 126G, Chrisochoides), Crisis Communication and Climate Change (ENGL 231C, McKittrick and Richards). Literature and Medicine (ENGL 112L Tatum). Complete List:

HNRS 226: EVMS/ODU Honors College Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship in Academic Medical Research.

Honors 301: Monarch Think Tank (Social Entrepreneurship)

The HC advising program focuses on co-designing the honors education with the student rather than simply certifying honors credit. HC Advisors are required to complete appreciative advisor training (from NC-Greensboro) as well as the revised Master Advisor program. Last year, the HC devoted over 3800 hours to student advising appointments.

Undergraduate Research

Research Grants Awarded to Students  
Fall 2016 8 X $1500
Spring 2017 4 X $1500
Summer 2017 7 X $2500
Essential Supply & Equipment Grants 44 X < $500
Conference Registration/Travel Grants 53 X $100-$1000
Total 16-17 $50,754 (116 students participating)

Undergraduate Research Symposium 

Now in its 10th year, the ODU Undergraduate Research Symposium has been the host for a popular art show, poster presentations, oral presentations, and panel discussions featuring the research and artistic accomplishments of over 1000 ODU undergraduates from across campus. This year’s symposium will be February 3rd (Saturday) in the Learning Commons.

Undergraduate Research Honors Scholars Program

Launched in spring 2018, this program provides essential supply and equipment stipends, grants, workshops, and research placement services for ODU undergraduates.

Virginias Honors Council Conference

Last year, the ODU Honors College hosted the conference (April 8-9, 2017), and our Dean currently serves as the Vice-President of this organization.

Provost’s Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Research and Faculty Research Mentor

The HC initiated and funds these two awards to recognize outstanding students and faculty working with undergraduate researchers.

PURS: Program for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship.

PURS supports novel faculty-led pilot projects incorporating authentic research and scholarship experiences for undergraduate students. Spearheaded by the Old Dominion University Honors College Undergraduate Research Program and the Office of Research, PURS funds students to work with faculty members part-time during Spring and Fall semesters and full-time in the summer. Last year, we received 24 applications in competition for the 5 awards that will be made.

I love ODU. The faculty members are amazing. Without the scholarship I received, I would have missed out on this great opportunity.

Stephen Greiling '20
Theodore F. and Constance C. Dominion Scholarship

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