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Even with Old Dominion University's affordable tuition, our students still face challenges financing their education. More than half of ODU students rely on loans to pay for their studies.


Scholarships make college more affordable by reducing the costs of higher education. By providing students the financial support needed to enroll in a degree program, as well as boosting morale and students’ confidence in their ability to work toward a better future, scholarships are a key piece of Old Dominion University’s strong foundation for supporting students.

Student Concordia Scholarship - Senior Class Challenge

A scholarship for students by students.

The ODU Student Concordia Scholarship is all about students helping students. “Concordia” which means unity in Latin is what is it is all about. This award will be completely funded by donations from the student body and will be awarded to a Monarch student each semester. These donations are done through the the Senior Class Challenge.

The Senior Class Challenge is a fundraising initiative that was created to give seniors of the current graduating class an opportunity to show their unwavering Monarch pride and leave their lasting legacy after graduation.

Every year, Monarch alumni, faculty, staff and friends make annual gifts to support Old Dominion University in areas such as academia, programming, events and athletics. The Senior Class Challenge specifically allows students to show their appreciation and give back to their Alma mater.

By participating in the Senior Class Challenge, our graduating seniors are helping to provide a scholarship to assist students who would not be able to complete their ODU degree due to financial constraints. The gifts will go directly to the ODU Student Concordia Award, an endowed scholarship created by University Advancement. 

To give, students will pay $20.XX in honor of their graduation year. As a thank you, each student donor will receive an ODU philanthropy honor cord to wear at commencement as a show of their commitment and support.

Give to Student Concordia Scholarship

When asking what this scholarship means to me the answer is as simple as one word. Success. While the monetary aspect does take a relief on my financial status, it is more than that. Doors opened, chances given, and taken is what gives me the foot in the door. Being a college student, what I love most is the possibility to grow and that growth is endless.

Alyssa Goard
Landmark Foundation Opportunity Scholarship

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